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That's all history is: the best tales. The ones that last.

Might as well be mine.

Everybody Loves Varric video
varric prettiness
This is an awesome Varric tribute by WizardOfCeles that I think every Varric fan will enjoy. :)

The greatest t-shirt ever
I'm sure a lot of you may be familiar with Waiting4Codot's many Dragon Age t-shirts, but even if you're not, I think every Varric fan in the world should know about this t-shirt.


How awesome is that?

Ficfinder: pimp post (with mod permission)
Need help finding a story you read some time ago and you can't find
anymore? You watched a Dragon Age video but now it disappeared?

[info]find_dragonage is a community about all Dragon Age games: Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Origins- Awakening, Dragon Age 2 and the DLC. The community was created to help fans find Dragon Age related fanfictions, fanarts or video they lost.

Varric Tethras Facts
I get bored. Very easily. And I tend to think up the silliest things when I'm bored.

Thus the Varric Tethras version of the Chuck Norris Facts was born.

I'm probably going to post one every week over on my Varric tumblr and they're all probably going to be utterly goofy, but I thought ya'll might get a giggle out of the first one.

Badly photoshopped lawlzCollapse )

Dragon Age II Cosplay Photoshoot
Star Wars: Wes x Hobbie
So, if anyone's interested, we did a Dragon Age II cosplay photoshoot at San Diego Comicon, this weekend.

aicosu was our Hawke and Fenris, goldeneagle was our Isabela, and virusq was our Varric. We also met up with quite a few other people from the LJ community. *wave*

Pictures from the Balboa Park photoshoot are available on my Facebook. And photos from the Bioware Base and SDCC are available on my Facebook, as well.

Preview?Collapse )

Thanks to everyone that helped and supported the project! I hope to see you all at a costume contest in the future. :)

Fanart: Varric reaction
varric rainbow
Hello my lovely fellow Varric fans.

Just sharing a silly piece of art reflecting my personal, fangirly reaction to DA2's romance options when I'd first started playing the game. I had not expected that I'd be fangirling over Varric, but his awesomeness is simply too great to resist.

Lazy, sloppy art under the cutCollapse )

The Guard-Captain || Aveline Vallen
Come check out the newest DAII community, dedicated to Aveline - and to a lesser extent, the Kirkwall city guard.


We welcome all new recruits, so please consider joining us in the barracks and sharing your love ('friend-fiction') of our red-haired lady!

No offense meant to any mods by posting this - feel free to delete if not allowed, and with sincere appologies included!

x-posted to big_boats, city_of_chains, dragon_age, i_do_not_brood, knickerweasels, likeahawke, muhrduhr, submittojustice, swooping_is_bad, and the_sten.

Aimo Art: Pressure
Star Wars: Wes x Hobbie
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Cosplay Results
Star Wars: Wes x Hobbie
Because I know there are people I haven't spammed yet ...

Here's the last I'll post of my stand-alone Varric cosplay! (Next time, there will be Hawke, Fenris, Merrill and ... MAAAYBE AVELINE AND ORSINO, IF YOU'RE GOOD D:)

(Caution! Crossplay, sideboob and inappropriate fondling of crossbows within.)

Bianca, introduce yourself!Collapse )

Say hello to my giant friend~Collapse )

This is not the panel you are looking for~Collapse )

Inappropriate crossbow contamination.Collapse )

Okay. I'll go back to writing fanfic, now.

Thanks for your patience!

Varric Cosplay at Phoenix Comicon!
Star Wars: Wes x Hobbie
So, I think the cosplay was a hit! Tons of people asked for pictures, most of them wanted pictures of *Bianca,* a few people thought I was a pirate (Jack Sparrow paused, did a double-take and said, in complete character: "deeeeyamnnn") and/or steampunk ("Your cannon needs more gears!").

One lady thought I was Sephiroth. (...)

I did find a Female Hawke and Fenris (Aicosu). They were adorable! Except, Fenris was very persistent that I must be an imposter since I didn't have a beard. "I uh ... forgot to replace Bianca's bayonet and she decided to nick me shaving so..."

Yeah, I blow at improv.

A *lot* of people liked Bianca. Two people tried to run away with her. One tried to buy her from me.

There was one guy in line that gave me this grandfatherly nod, "Bet you're thinking twice about a giant prop, eh?"

"She's worth the weight!"


Anyway, we found the F!Hawke and Fenris couple and ... got two pictures. One was promptly eaten by my boyfriend's droid. I will never see it. It is gone forever, to the abyss, and I could not track the couple down again to re-take it.

The second ... well, it was some lady with a pink camera. I have no idea if she even got the picture, let alone her name, or if she shares them, or if she will ever upload it.


If you see pictures of Cosplay Varric, please let me know!

This is all I have!Collapse )

Things I've learned about Bianca
Star Wars: Wes x Hobbie
...through cosplay:

- She's GIGANTIC. Seriously. Proportionately, for me, she's 4 feet long. ...And I really do feel like a dwarf holding her.

- She smells amazing. I mean, "new crossbow smell" could totally be bottled and sold.

- She was designed by someone who didn't quite understand crossbows. I'm seeing a lot of modern compound bow parts in this crossbow, set at angles that run into each other. It's a good thing I don't expect her to actually fire.

- Everyone picks up a different detail. Me? The scroll work on the side. My boyfriend? The pulley coils on the top. My dad? ... the gun stock and barrel. My mother? "Oh, how cute! You named your crossbow!"


I really need to start working on these projects *before* comicon.


Read more...Collapse )

(no subject)
So I was playing around with mods and found one that removed restrictions on just about everything on weapons and armor (except for, obviously, level requirements and what companions/Hawke can wear), and I had a stray thought: does this affect Varric and Bianca?

The results...

Image heavyCollapse )

Things I've learned about Varric
Star Wars: Wes x Hobbie
Random thoughts, mostly. You may or may not enjoy. Feel free to discuss!

Things I've learned about Varric, discovered through cosplaying Varric:

- His clothes are human clothes. His "jacket" is actually a blazer with the cuffs rolled back, because dwarves will never have human wingspans. The youngest son always wears hand-me-downs. From people, apparently.

- He's skinnier than he looks. I adjusted the shirt for a 40 inch bustline and it still rips every time I pull it over my head.

- Textured shirts are itchy. There was a line in I, Jedi, I believe, that stated the Jedi wore scratchy clothes to keep their mind on their training instead of women. I seriously have to wonder if this is the sole reason Varric is un-romancable.

- His pants are amazingly comfortable. This could also be a reason you can never get into them.

- The shirt embroidery was painted on. The amount of embroidery I've done over this past week has been miserable, (link), and I haven't even started with the fine detailing. I keep waffling between chain stitch or couching, and I haven't been able to decide which is most appropriate, because the sodding screen caps are TEXTURELESS.

- You can smell him walking down the street. This embroidery on this fabric? Not washable. I've worn the shirt for all of one accumulated hour, during fittings, and it already smells like a wet dog rolled around on it. Or...

- The man does not sweat. You see that jacket? Leather has a tendency to retain sweat-stains. Also, it's near impossible to wash. Do you see any sweat stains on that jacket? No? Have you ever worn a leather duster near the ocean? The ocean sweats on you, and that jacket is spotless.

- His gloves were imported from Orzammar. I think the most expensive part of is outfit are the gloves. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find small leather gloves? Leather gloves only come in men's sizes, because women, apparently, do not wear leather work-gloves. They don't even make *dwarf* sized gloves.

- Varric and Bianca are magnetically attached. Seriously. How else does she magically stick to those shoulder straps?

- Bianca is made of plastic. Do you have any idea how much that amount of wood weighs? And we've already decided he's not all rippling muscles, or his shirt would not fit. Ugh.

Cosplay: Varric Tethras WIP
Star Wars: Wes x Hobbie
Soo... I'm planning on cosplaying Varric for Phoenix Comic Con...

Started on the jacket, tonight.

PicturesCollapse )

The best reference I can find for Varric's outfit is the concept art, so that's what I've been working from. There have been a few changes based on gameplay (mostly hair color and that weird shoulder-panel on the jacket), but everything else is going as planned.

Iiiiifff you're curious, you can follow me on Twitter or LJ: virusq...


Kiss Meme (Lady Hawke/Varric version)
<3 2
'Cause it just wouldn't be the same without Aimo/Momochanners fanart~

Cut for NSFWCollapse )

Magic Beard Physics.
Star Wars: Wes x Hobbie
Stupid question, for ridiculous fan fic purposes:

How the hell does Varric manage to remain clean-shaven in the Deep Roads?

I know, I know: It's a game. Game characters don't have to do silly mundane things like eat, or drink, or shave, or go train for years to become a rolling Cuisinart, ...

But, um, it's kind of important for ...detail... purposes.

They're in the Deep Roads for weeks, right? Varric has perma-stubble, so it's not like he's one of those guys that can't grow a beard (like, say, Fenris). Wouldn't everyone have a decent beard by the time they make it out?

Do you think he shaves it? Packs a straight razor and a mirror right next to emergency booze and crossbow bolts?

Ponder with me.

Ladies and gents and dwarves...
... Our theme song.

Lyrics under the cut.Collapse )

Huge, huge shout-out and love for the creator, gembat. 8D <3

Sharing a Moment of Pure Varric Squee!
LittleGirlGoth by Matazone
Act 2 Spoiler Alert!Collapse )
So, how about all of you? What moments during the game did Varric stepping up to the plate (prompted or unprompted) just make EVERYTHING TEN TIMES BETTER than it otherwise would have been for you? INQUIRING MINDS WANT NEED TO KNOW!

Fanfic: Act 2: Lowtown: Party Banter
DA2 art Anders
It was pointed out to me that while this fic is a F!Hawke/Anders pairing, it's the garrulous dwarf and the beautiful pirate who steal the limelight. So I'm cross-posting to their respective comms, sorry if you saw this posted already on SiB.

Title: Act 2: Lowtown: Party Banter on FF.net or AO3
Synopsis:  It's always embarrassing when your friends find out who you're crushing on. Varric and Isabela tease Anders.
Characters/Pairing: Implied Anders/F!Hawke
Rating: K+ (for implied shenanigans)
Spoilers: Mild spoilers for DA2

A quick look at how Varric and Isabela might taunt Anders during his 'aching for 3 years' period.

What, what?
Someone made a mod to give Varric a forest of chest hair-hiding shirt. And a beard.


Fic Rec: Hard in Lowtown: Writer's Work (Varric/F!Hawke, completely NSFW)
Dragon Age: Hawke &amp; Varric
Title: Hard in Lowtown: Writer's Work
Author: sh-gall
Rating: Completely NSFW
Summary: "Varric Tethras is caught off guard in a rather delicate situation when his good friend drops in for an unannounced visit. Features Varric, Isabela, and f!Hawke. This is rated mature for a reason, folks.

Fic Rec: Happily Ever After With Goats (Varric/F!Hawke, slightly NSFW)
Dragon Age: Hawke &amp; Varric
Title: Happily Ever After With Goats
Author: tuesday
Rating: T, with a naughty fade-to-black ending my sister AND my boyfriend have walked in on me reading.
Summary: "There's no trouble you can't outrun with a fast ship and a good crew." Hawke only wishes this were true. In which they take to the open seas, start a farm, and fail at traditional romance. (Hawke/Varric, references to past Hawke/Anders and Hawke/Fenris.)


Introduction post is a GO!
Nice to meet ya, everyone! I was so sure there was already a Varric comm up but sine there doesn't seem to be... here ya go. ;) Feel free to share your love and admiration of Dragon Age II's dashing hero, its leading man, its flawless narrator, its gloriously hairy hunk of dwarf--

What, you say that Varric isn't the main character?


Rules are up on the main page but, since we're new, are subject to change. Tags are not quite set up yet! I'll let you know if anything does, though. :)

Post away!