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Dat Chest Hair -- A Varric Fan Community
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Dat Chest Hair -- A Varric Fan Community

Why, it's the LiveJournal community dedicated to Varric, the silver-tongued narrator and companion of The Champion from Dragon Age 2. Lore discussion, fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, everything is welcome here!

As long as you can pay your tab.

1. Respect opinions and preferences! Absolutely NO CHARACTER BASHING, Varric or otherwise. We welcome civil dicussions and debates regarding characters, but personal-based attacks will not be tolerated.

2. If any material is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), PLEASE put a note regarding this somewhere in your post's title or description, as well as a link or cut to the material in question. Posts with visible NSFW material will be deleted.

3. When posting icons/graphics/fanart/etc, please be sure to use a cut tag or link. Preview images are fine, as long as they are no less than 5 100x100 icons, or a single image no bigger than 400x400.

4. Please consider your other members' feelings when posting! That is, use of racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist and etc language will not be tolerated and, if repeated, will be punishable by banning.

5. SPOILERS! At this time, anything regarding major game spoilers including character deaths/development, major plot twists, etc etc should be warned about in your post title or comment header! Please remember, even if you have finished the game, not everyone has yet.

6. If you feel that a moderator's intervention is necessary, please PM myself (popehippo) ASAP.

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